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How To Change A Bathtub For A Shower Tray

 It is a modification that will allow you to save space, water and have a modern space. Follow these recommendations and give this space a new face.

Advantages of installing a shower tray

By removing the bathtub and installing a walk-in shower in your home, you will save more water and electricity. In addition, there will be more space, and you will have a safer and more accessible bathroom. Especially if there are elderly people or people with little mobility in the house.

Bathtub owners do not use them as often, as in many cases they are not practical. Showers allow you to take baths in less time. Therefore, they are more convenient.

It will also give it a more current and modern touch. A plate takes up half the space of a bathtub . To this is added that it facilitates the daily hygiene of the place. Making this change increases the value of the home.

Bathrooms with a shower without a bathtub are a trend because they go far beyond getting more space. Showering has been proven to be energizing. Also, it takes much less time than the employee in a bathtub.

Types of shower tray

Many ideas arise in the plan to reform the bathroom , but you must study which is the best material for what you are looking for. If you want greater safety and durability, opt for a ceramic stoneware shower tray . Is more resistant.

They are also easy to clean and the enamel is durable. Keep in mind that they are heavy, slippery and cold to the touch; In addition to having little resistance to shock.

While the acrylic ones are light, warm to the touch and resistant. For this reason they can be larger than other types of plates and flatter. They are also available with roughness to prevent slipping. They cost more, but tend to get scratched or warped.

Another alternative is mineral powder and acrylic resin . There are several colors and its finish is rough. They are 3 centimeters thick, which makes them one of the thinnest on the market, and they are warm to the touch.

The elastics adapt to any space as they are flexible and shock resistant. They offer safety and comfort for their material.

There is also the shower tray using panels, this is placed where the tiles were to prevent leaks.

How to change a bathtub for a shower tray?

To remove the bathtub and put a shower, a series of parameters must be met. As a major reform is going to be carried out, all aspects must be evaluated. For example, removing the bathtub will leave a free space without tiles. This can be used to check the condition of the water pipes and drains.

But before taking this step, you must have the necessary budget to carry out this type of work. It is important to request a quote from companies dedicated to this field that offer guarantees.

Once the staff that knows how to disassemble a bathtub is hired, the tiles that are on the bathtub wall are removed. To do this, a chisel is used and then knocked down. Subsequently, the silicone is removed, the drain is released and the bathtub is removed. Prior to this closure of the water stopcocks.

With the space cleared, the floor is cleaned and protected with cardboard so as not to damage it if a blow occurs. Next, measure where the tray and drain will be located on the floor .

Gypsum plasterboard can be used to cover the gaps, then the spillway system is assembled. This includes a PVC tube with a handle to connect the water intake with the plate valve.

Once all this is ready, the shower tray is placed in the chosen space with a brick support. It proceeds to put the coating and sealing. It ends with the installation of the taps and the cleaning of the intervened areas, to then accommodate the screen. The whole process can take from 1 to 3 days.

How to remove bathtub and put shower without work?

If you want to replace, remove the bathtub and install a shower without work, you can achieve it by following the steps that we will give you below.

Before starting the process, it is important to consider whether the slope of the floor is appropriate and whether the shower will be at ground level or raised.

Step 1: Take Measurements

The first thing to do is cover the elements of the bathroom that can be damaged during the change from the bathtub to a shower.

Then proceed to measure the tub and the section of tile that needs to be removed to remove the tub completely.

Step 2: Apply Mortar

Once the bathtub is removed, you must apply a layer of mortar in the section where it was, so that the floor is completely smooth.

Step 3: Place the shower tray

When the section of the floor where you will put the shower is smooth and has the appropriate inclination, proceed to place the shower tray that you previously selected. We recommend that it be non-slip.

In the market you will find multiple options that are easy to install. Ideal for DIY projects.
For this you must put glue on the bottom as well as on the floor area where you are going to place it.

Very carefully place the shower tray in place. Make sure it lines up properly and apply pressure.

Now start installing the faucet and drain. Try to use the sockets that the bathtub had to make the job easier.

It is important to mention that if you are going to change the bathtub for a shower on your own, select a tray that is at least 2 centimeters thick so that it is raised. Installing plates that are flush with the ground without work in many cases is a complicated task.

Step 4: Install the partition

The screen is important to prevent water from splashing and spilling throughout the bathroom. These are generally easy to install. Although it depends on the type of partition you choose and its closing system.

Step 5: Cover the space with tiles

You must replace the tiles that were removed when changing a bathtub for a shower tray. Remember that it covered a space that is now exposed. So you have to cover it with tiles similar to those already on the floor and walls.

Finally, let dry and apply a good wash to the entire area.

Changing a bathtub for a shower tray without works can be a bit complicated for people who do not have experience doing this type of work. That is why it is best to have experts in Reforms in Madrid.

It may happen that the floor is not level, the tray is not aligned correctly or that at the end of the installation there are problems with the taps and drainage. That is why we recommend asking for help from experts. These not only have the experience, but also the right tools.

Tips for changing a bathtub for a tray

  • Measure the height and width of the bathtub so that when you ask for a quote, you can give the experts exact data.
  • Protect tiles near the job site and require that the surface on which the tray will be installed be well prepared.
  • Keep a sample of the new tiles in case you need to replace one in the future. Even if you have space you could buy a few extra and have them stashed away.
  • Try to place the shower outlet near the ones that the bathtub had in order to reduce costs.
  • It is best to invest in a good faucet to avoid headaches later.
  • The entrance must be at least 60 centimeters, regardless of the type of shower tray and screen.
  • It is also necessary to analyze whether it is necessary to install a siphon valve to avoid bad odours.
  • To ensure that there are no leaks, the space between the wall and the tray is covered with silicone.
  • It is recommended that you choose an aluminum screen, tempered glass and anti-limescale . Make it with fixed leaves and swing doors.
  • Take into account when executing the work the accessories that go inside the shower space. Those that are available to store soap, gel and shampoo. The ideal is to anchor them to the wall.
  • Don’t forget to wait at least 24 hours to use the new shower.

Other alternatives to transform bathtub into shower

An excellent idea for you to save money is to convert the old bathtub into a shower tray. The front of the bathtub can be cut to create access and install a shower faucet.

Another alternative is to close the bathtub area with tempered glass and place the shower, so you don’t have to tear it down. It will have double function.

On the other hand, there are brands that offer a shower convertible into a bathtub . What they do is place strips from edge to edge of the bathtub creating the shower tray. When you want to use the bathtub, you just have to remove them by placing them in a drawer or on a wall hanger.

How to change one bathtub for another?

Whether it’s wear and tear or a makeover, you also have to consider how to trade one tub for another if you’re not interested in showering. This involves measuring the size of the tub in order to purchase the new one and replace the tiles. In some cases it is necessary to remove the toilet and sink to remove the old piece.

First, the drainage and the water pipe are disconnected, the tiles are removed and the bathtub is unstuck by removing the anchors that hold it. Stands upright for removal. The other is installed verifying that the connections are correct, it is leveled and sealed with silicone or putty.

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