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How To Choose Ceramic Tiles For Your Renovation

Floors and even some walls in specific areas of the home deteriorate rapidly due to use and exposure to climatic agents.

Types of ceramic tiles

There are several types of ceramic tiles on the market with different characteristics and unique properties. Popular ones include:


It is a type of ceramic tile with a high capacity to absorb water. This is because it has a porous structure. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

It is ideal for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. And one of their great advantages is that they come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and surface finishes. Therefore, in addition to protecting floors and walls, they are also eye-catching elements.

Porcelain stoneware

They are the most used type of ceramic tile today . They have great resistance and a very small water absorption capacity, which makes them ideal for very cold and humid climates.

You can find porcelain stoneware in multiple formats and colors. As well as with a matt or polished finish. Although the latter has less resistance to stains. They are ideal for creating space with minimalist, modern, industrial or rustic decoration.

glazed stoneware

Their surface finish is enameled and depending on the type they have different degrees of porosity. They do not require much maintenance and are tiles with good mechanical resistance and resistance to stains. These make them a good alternative to place them in high-traffic or high-use areas.

rustic stoneware

They are tiles that have rustic finishes with textured surfaces, ideal for exteriors. They also have good resistance to moisture, stains and extreme temperatures.

You must be careful to eliminate moisture from the floor if it is very constant to avoid deterioration of the tiles.

baked clay

This type of tile is widely used in rustic or outdoor spaces, such as patios and terraces. They are mainly reddish in color and their shape is somewhat irregular.

To be resistant to stains, they must go through special treatments such as primer . On the other hand, they require periodic maintenance, although this is simple.

How to choose ceramic tiles for your reform?

Choosing the ideal ceramic tiles for your renovation depends on multiple factors such as location, use given to the space where they will be placed, and others.

Below, we will give you some tips so that you can choose the perfect tiles for each space in your renovation project.

Use of the area

It is not the same to choose tiles for a bathroom than for a bedroom. Take into account the use that is going to be given to the space and if it is a very busy area or not.

For example, for the bathroom you will need ceramic tiles that are highly resistant to humidity, stains and easy to maintain.

While for a bedroom with little traffic, the most important thing is that they are durable, in accordance with the selected style. And that it has a smooth finish and preferably polished or polished.


Ceramic tiles are designed to cover interior and exterior walls and floors.

If you are looking for ceramic tiles for exteriors, the ideal is that they are resistant to stains, changes in temperature and shocks. As well as non-slip and easy and economical maintenance.

You should also consider whether the tiles will be exposed to extreme temperatures. Since some do not resist very cold winters or very hot summers.

It is important to mention that the tiles that cover the floors must be much more resistant than those that are placed on the walls. You should know this if you select different types for each structural element.

Style and decoration

Each room in your home should have its own style or decorative value. And the tiles play an important role in the aesthetics of each area.

To create modern styles, select preferably large tiles in neutral tones such as white, black, gray and cream.

If you are looking for a much more classic style, tiles that imitate wood or have some designs such as those of hydraulic floors are good alternatives. Also those that are small or medium in size.

If the finish of the tiles is shiny, the space will look much more elegant and sophisticated. While if it is matte it will give it a rustic, interesting and modern touch.

There is a wide variety of ceramic tiles, colors, shapes and textures . As well as placement methods that will make your floor or wall have a very original aesthetic. You will have no problem finding one that suits your style.

Review the current trends in home design and decoration. This will make it easier to decide which tile styles. You can also make combinations of colors and textures.


There are some types of ceramic tiles that are cheaper than others. Although, in general, they are all quite affordable.

One of the cheapest ceramic tile options is wall tiles. Their price/quality ratio is excellent and you can find them in different formats and colors. They also do not require much maintenance.

On the other hand, glazed stoneware is also an economical alternative depending on the style you choose. And the advantage is that this type of tile imitates marble very well, so you can create a very luxurious space with little money .

Within your budget you should consider the cost of installing each type of ceramic tile and its maintenance.

Some options can be inexpensive like clay tiles. But the treatments it must receive to improve its resistance and maintenance raise costs.

It is important that the tiles are placed by experts, such as the masons in Madrid , so that you obtain the expected results.

Knowing how to choose ceramic tiles for your renovation will help you select the best alternatives depending on your needs, the use of space and the style of decoration. 

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