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Ideas For Using Exposed Brick Walls In Your Renovation

This way you can create environments with a lot of personality and originality.

Advantages of exposed brick walls

Exposed brick walls have been popular for a long time. And this is not only due to the aesthetics that they bring to any room or environment, but also because they have excellent characteristics and properties.

Some of the benefits of exposed brick walls are:

  • Aesthetics: their aesthetics are very striking and they bring an original touch to any environment. In addition, you will find them in a large number of colors and finishes.
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation: The exposed brick walls allow you to have environments at a pleasant temperature at any time of the year. And with a good level of acoustic insulation to avoid annoying noise from outside or other adjacent rooms.
  • Impermeability: The material used for exposed brick walls has a low level of water absorption. This makes it difficult for mold or mildew to grow. Although if it is constantly exposed, the appearance of humidity will be inevitable.
  • Versatile: You can have an exposed brick wall in any space. Whether inside or outside. It goes with multiple styles, and you can even paint it to match the color palette you’ll be using for your décor.
  • Environmentally friendly: the bricks used to create this type of wall are totally ecological. They do not emit any type of radiation or harm the environment at the time of disposal.

Ideas for using exposed brick walls in your renovation

The exposed brick walls are beautiful. And although before it was very common to see them only in external environments of homes, this has changed.

Currently, exposed brick walls can be seen in different areas inside houses , flats, and even in offices and restaurants. It is an element that, in addition to being functional, also provides great aesthetic value.

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This type of walls adapt to multiple styles. Both modern and classic.

If you are interested in placing one in your home, but you do not decide on the place, color or finish. We’ll give you some ideas to help you make the decision.

Exposed brick wall in living room

The living room or living room is one of the preferred rooms for people to place exposed brick walls.

You can bet on a natural colored exposed brick wall. Although it gives a rustic touch to the room, it will still be elegant and interesting. It will cause a lot of visual impact and give personality to the space. It is an excellent element to decorate the hall

On the other hand, in this area these types of walls tend to get very little dirty and will not need much maintenance.

white painted bricks

For many, exposed brick walls with their original tones look dirty or simply do not adapt to the decoration style they will use.

One way to integrate this type of wall into any style is by painting it. And it looks great in white. Although you could also do it using other colors.

White brick walls are ideal for minimalist, modern and rustic styles . In addition, they help create an effect of spaciousness and clarity in home environments.

In the bedroom

Exposed brick walls look great in any room and setting. Even in the bedrooms.
An original way to place one is behind the headboard of the bed.

In the kitchen

One of the places where this type of wall is most used is in the kitchen. In most cases it is the wall that is close to the work area.

It gives a slightly rustic but pretty look to the kitchen. Remember that if you want the brick to look more elegant and better match the colors of the space you can paint it any color you like. There is even the option to give it a glossier finish.

It is important to mention that grease and oils are difficult to remove from exposed brick walls. Especially those that have a more rustic or less polished finish. That is why you must be attentive with the maintenance and cleaning of these.

In the bathroom

Exposed brick walls are ideal for spaces where there are high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom. Although we do not recommend placing it on the walls or areas of the shower, since it will be wet most of the time, you must be very careful with cleaning so that mold does not appear.

You will have a bathroom with a lot of personality and style with a wall in this style.

Exposed brick walls are an element that not only has incredible aesthetics, but is also versatile and practical when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. In addition, they are very durable and properly combined with elements of different materials can create very beautiful interior designs.

In the fireplace

A great idea is for the exposed brick wall to be the same wall where you will place your fireplace. This will make the environment much warmer. Besides, they are quite resistant to high temperatures, so you do not have to worry about their deterioration.

Put a brick wall in any space in your home. Adapt it to your style and that of your home. And you will see how amazing they look.

How is the maintenance of exposed brick walls?

Although exposed brick walls are very strong and durable. Some factors such as humidity, sun exposure and others cause them to wear out progressively. This affects its aesthetics and properties.

In order to keep your brick wall in good condition, you must apply the advice that we will give you below:

Carry out a periodic inspection

Every once in a while walk up to your brick wall and do a visual inspection. If you notice that some areas are darker than others, it may mean that moisture is affecting them and mold will begin to form.

On the other hand, if you find sections that are smoother and lighter in color than the original, they are worn.

To check if there is any weak or loose brick, you should check the structure of the wall. One way to do this is by using a pressurized water jet. This way you will find the weak points or pieces that can generate structural problems or leaks.

clean them properly

Cleaning exposed brick walls is not complicated. But it is important that you do it with the correct products and technique to avoid altering your aesthetics.

One of the ways to do this is by using a pressurized water jet. This option is ideal for walls in good condition and without the presence of mold, which is preferably found outdoors.

If these are very old or very deteriorated, we do not recommend this method. Nor if the wall is located indoors where the floor is wood or covered with carpet.

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For walls of this type that have the presence of mold, fungus or other similar elements, carry out treatment for exposed brick walls .

Take the brush with stiff bristles, prepare a mixture of bleach with water and wet it with it. Then rub it vigorously in a horizontal direction on the brick wall.

Apply a pressurized stream of water to remove any remaining dirt and bleach mixture from the wall. If you can, ask someone to pour pressurized water while you scrub the wall. This way you will get better results.

In case the wall only has dust and dirt. You can simply moisten the brush with water and rub them on the surface. No need to apply any type of cleaning product.

For interior exposed brick walls, an excellent alternative is steam cleaning. It is applied when the consequences of humidity begin to be noticed and provides excellent results.

protect brick wall

Another important aspect to keep your exposed brick wall looking new is to protect it from agents that can deteriorate it.

There are many products such as paints and varnishes that help protect bricks from moisture and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

It is important to mention that many of these products are designed not to alter the brightness, color or texture of the bricks in the wall. Thus they preserve their original aesthetics.

When applying any product, you must follow the instructions to the letter. This prevents the wall from getting stained or damaged.

Repair the damaged section

If you notice that some bricks are not fixed you can remove them and fix them back in place. If they are damaged, the ideal is to replace them with new ones.

For this you will need a chisel. Once you remove the bricks you want, clean the area and place the new ones. You can fix them with a simple cement mix.

In case the section you want to repair is very large and you are not aware of the process. Hire professional masons .

We hope that these ideas for using exposed brick walls in your renovation will help you design amazing interior spaces. 

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