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Kitchens Open To The Living Room Vs Closed Kitchens

The kitchen is always spoken of as the heart of the home. Every year there are new trends about its design and structure. But there is a debate that is still very present, and it is that of kitchens open to the living room vs. closed kitchens . We want to compare both options, what is fashionable and how to choose between one or the other.

What are open kitchens?

As the term says, open kitchens are those that do not have walls or barriers with the rest of the house. They allow the kitchen, dining room and living room to be united. This means that the space is visible to all, they are an excellent opportunity to display the decoration.

Open kitchens have been a trend since the 1990s.

What are closed kitchens?

Closed kitchens are the most traditional concept of these spaces. They are an ideal option for people who prefer privacy while cooking and who want this area to be their own space, without anyone interrupting them.

Closed is not synonymous with claustrophobic, rather the kitchen has limited access through doors. And these have 4 walls.

Comparison of kitchens open to the living room vs closed kitchens

When renovating your kitchen , one of the first decisions you must make is whether to opt for an open kitchen or a closed one. The open ones integrate with the living room and the rest of the house, so the space can never be messy or dirty.

On the other hand, closed kitchens are perfect if you prefer privacy when you are cooking and if you are too busy to order everything after you have prepared dinner.

Advantages of open kitchens

An open kitchen is ideal for houses that are small. Because there will be no barriers or doors and this allows the spaces to flow into each other, therefore your home will look bigger than it is.

An open kitchen also gives the feeling of informality and a friendly atmosphere. You will be able to share with your family while they are dedicated to the tasks of the kitchen. Even if you have guests they will be able to interact with them when cooking.

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Open kitchens are synonymous with a more casual lifestyle. These spaces are created to be the center of the house, where parents while cooking can take care of their children who play in the living room.

Another advantage is that several people can cook at the same time. The kitchens open to the living room with a bar allow more members of the family to work.

And, an open kitchen allows for an island to be placed in the center, since there won’t be any walls interrupting the walking area.

By removing walls, the kitchen should have a better entry of natural light.

In addition, these types of kitchens allow a certain flexibility, which makes it possible for them to reconfigure the furniture when they need it.

Disadvantages of open kitchens

If a kitchen is always visible, then it needs to be tidy. Also, if you are a person who likes to make elaborate meals or do a lot of baking, the noise could affect the rest of the house; even the sound of household appliances such as the blender or the dishwasher will inevitably be heard in the living room.

Another negative point is that in kitchens there is usually a lot of heat, and this will spread throughout the rest of the house.

Also open kitchens have limited storage space because there are fewer walls available to put shelves and furniture.

These negative points have been more exposed during the quarantine.

Advantages of closed kitchens

If you cook every day or like to make large meals for many people, the closed kitchen will be ideal for you. Because with this the noises, smells and vapors will be concentrated in four walls.

An added bonus is that you can put off cleaning for a few hours at least, since the space will be out of sight for the rest of the house.

Another advantage is that closed kitchens, having four walls, offer more storage space. More countertops and more appliances can also be placed.

Besides, guests won’t be tempted to walk into the kitchen and interrupt whoever is cooking. And in that same sense, the experience of eating at home will be more formal.

Disadvantages of closed kitchens

One of the main negative points is that those who are inside are isolated, that is, if you have guests and you are cooking, you will be separated from them. This gives you a sense of formality and limits the ability to relate to the family.

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The design of the kitchen does not allow easy access from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa.

Also, in a flat a closed kitchen will make the space look much smaller.

Kitchen designs open to the living room

Kitchens open to the living room are a trend that has been around for years and is still popular. The main reason is that regardless of the size of the house you can have a space to cook and prepare, and share with the guests at the same time.

The open kitchen-living room concepts allow you to open up your home by mixing both spaces. We already mentioned its advantages, among them it stands out that you can socialize while cooking, or have help from your guests in the preparations.

The living room with an open kitchen is not only made with entertainment in mind, but also with functionality, because in this way you can make better use of the space with a good design.

Some ideas of open kitchens are:

  • Single wall kitchen: it is a very luxurious and sophisticated option. Where you have all the appliances and furniture on a single horizontal wall, including the sink. This will give you room to make a kitchen open to the living room with an island, and this could double as a breakfast bar if you add chairs to it. You could also put the dining table near the kitchen.
  • Connect environments: the idea of ​​open kitchens is to connect different areas. To make serving and entertaining guests simpler, you can have a kitchen island with several chairs, plus the dining area nearby. This basically means that you have two dining tables, which is ideal for parties.
    • Corner kitchen: Small kitchens open to the living room are usually in the corners. It is a compact and very space-saving space. There you can have the sink, furniture, shelves and countertops. To make the separation of the spaces more noticeable, you can put rugs.
    • Differentiate spaces with the type of floor: even if it is a living room with an open kitchen, it is important to differentiate the spaces, floors are an excellent option for this. You can use different materials or the same, but with a different tone.
    • Replace partition with doors: If you remove the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen, you can replace it with a sliding glass door. This way you can close it and continue enjoying the light, watch what others are doing, but the odors and noises do not come out. And if you want to keep them open you can too.
    • Recessed ceiling hoods: choosing kitchen hoods can be complicated, a trend in open kitchens is for them to be recessed into the ceiling, thus saving a lot of space.

Separate kitchens are back in style

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to change our lifestyle, to spend a lot of time at home. That has even made us rethink how our house is designed and how we use it.

In recent decades the concept of living rooms with open kitchens has been the trend, everyone has wanted to transform their home towards this type of design. Because its great advantage is that it allows them to be together at home, but by spending so much time at home. the kitchen is not only for cooking, but also for working, doing homework and more.

The reasons people are rebuilding closed kitchens are the need to separate spaces and not having to clean everything on the spot , because you just won’t see it.

The more activity there is inside the house, the more privacy people want, they want to be able to just close the doors. By having a closed kitchen, they will have a space to work apart from the living room, where the children may be in online classes.

In addition to this, people are choosing to close the kitchens to gain storage space.

During the quarantines, the dining room became an excellent space to have a temporary office at home, especially if they are not used every day. Families today prefer to eat at the kitchen counter or breakfast bar.

Another option that has become fashionable is to have convertible spaces, tables that can be a desk in the morning and a dining table at night. This is especially useful in flats or small houses.

The pandemic does not represent the end of open kitchens, as they continue to be an excellent option for those who love multitasking, who want to cook while taking care of their children, for example.

Deciding between kitchens open to the living room vs. closed kitchens is a dilemma that arises in many families when it comes to renovating their home. 

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