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l377x Torrent Search Engine | Mirror Sites, Proxy List [Updated 2021]

Lockdown had had a great impact on people’s lives all over the world. Whether COVID is positive or negative, people face boredom at the peak level while staying at home. It was not easy for them to stay on their couch for the whole day without doing anything while they were busy. At this breaking point came up the entertainment industry and the OTT platforms. Before 2020, people didn’t prefer watching movies on OTTs, but now they’ve gained a strong hand over cinemas. But, a majority of the population is not too fond of taking up subscriptions. For them, some sites help them to watch and download their favourite entertainment content for free. Such a site is 1377x. It is a very famous torrent site used to download movies, TV shows, web series, games, apps and many software.

What is 1377x Proxy?

1377x Proxy is a torrent search engine developed in 2007. It is a very famous site that has all the newly released and the old movies, TV shows, web series, games, apps, and software available to download. Users can go to the site and search their required keyword, and their desired thing is on their device. The site gained immense popularity after 2016 after introducing certain new features making it more user friendly.

What is a l377x Torrent Search Engine?

1377x is a torrent site. However, the government does not allow the use and ownership of any torrent site. Thus, sometimes these sites become unavailable on the Google search engine. To tackle this, proxy sites are the sites that make use of another server and an anonymous IP address and don’t take risks.

What Are the Unique Features Of l377x?

1377x is quite famous for its unique style. Some of its main features are –

  • 1377x has movies and TV shows available to download in a very good quality ranging from 480p to 1080p.
  • Apart from movies, it also has games, apps and software available.
  • It offers speedy downloads.
  • It is extremely user friendly.

What are the categories available on 1377x?

1377x has a wide variety of categories available on the site. The purpose of forming categories is to help you easily find what you are searching for.

Following are the categories:

  1. Movies
  2. Television
  3. Games
  4. Top 100
  5. Documentaries
  6. Applications
  7. Music
  8. Trending
  9. Other
  10. Anime

Proxy Sites List Of l377x Torrents [Working In 2021]

Proxy sites have many advantages. They allow users to download content at a higher speed than the main site. Secondly, the variety of movies, series, apps, and games are more than the official one. Below are some of the proxy sites of 1377x –

  • tw
  • is
  • st
  • to
  • gd
  • to
  • am
  • eu
  • site

Using 1377x Torrent Site

There are various simple steps to access the 1377x site. These are listed below –

  1. Open the 1377x site on your browser.
  2. Notice the search bar. Type your required movie, series, show, app or game name on the top.
  3. Some results will appear. Choose the desired result.
  4. A dialogue will appear where you’ll be asked to open BitTorrent or cancel.
  5. Click the open BitTorrent option, and you’ll be redirected to the bit torrent site.
  6. Click on OK, and you’ll see your download.

Alternatives to 1377x:

It sometimes happens that the site is down due to some glitches. On some occasions, the site has been blocked because of posting copyrighted content. However, this doesn’t mean that the entertainment has stopped. There are many alternatives to 1377x that can be used to ensure non-stop entertainment.

Not very easy to use, 1337x is a worldwide torrent site. It is a data-sharing tool. You will not find the content directly on Google because it uses the deep web. Despite this, it has huge content and is very useful.

This website hasn’t been down yet. It has all the movies and TV shows from all over the world’s industries. Also, the quality of these is very good. Therefore, it is a must to use this once.

It is a very good alternative to EZTV. It has almost all of the newly released movies and shows, which is also high quality. Moreover, it is known for its policy of regular updates and evolutions.

This site has most of the new entertainment-related content. You have to type the name of the movie or show you want; you have all the content in front of you without any hectic thing.

The pirate bay allows you to download movies, TV shows, web series from all kinds of genres. It is extremely easy to use and has no substantial viruses. Also, it has not yet been banned in many countries.


Online video downloading has reached a good height. Pirated sites have gained a good spot in people’s preferences, 1377x. Despite facing backlashes, the site has managed to update and renovate itself to make it suitable for viewers to watch and download content.

If you too have a strong inclination for movies and other content, go to the site and find everything available. Also, if you want to keep the cyber people away, keep a VPN connection open.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is 1377x legal?

Ans. 1377x is a torrent site that publishes newly released copyrighted content. The distribution of Copyrighted Content is a punishable offence. Thus, 1377x is not a legal site.

2.Can we use VPN to unblock the site?

Ans. Yes. A VPN allows you to access a site to function privately and without any risks. Thus, you can use it to access any blocked site provided that the VPN should be good.

3.What languages does 1377x use?

Ans. 1377x makes use of HTML, JavaScript and other related languages.

4.Will there be any data theft if I use 1377x?

Ans. Although 1377x is safe to use when it comes to data thefts, some data may still be lost. Thus, it is advisable not to use these sites.


Torrent sites are indeed very popular. But, it is not at all advisable to use these. We do not promote the use of any torrent site illegally. These sites are prohibited by the cyber authorities and should not be used. The article here is just for informative purposes.

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