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Subsmovies – Movies and TV Series Free Stream With Subtitles

What is sub movies? –

Many websites provide online movies and tv shows to the public in multiple languages. Sub movies are also one of those websites which provide a range of tv shows, movies and web series with subtitles in various languages. In India, sub movies have become popular in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Germany. In addition, people of all ages like to watch and stream online movies and shows on mobile phones.

The website provides the movies and shows with subtitles, which feels very satisfying while watching the languages you are not particular with. Unfortunately, very few websites on the internet provide movies and shows with subtitles. Proudly, sub movies are one of them. Other alternatives are similar to sub movies that provide the movies and web series to the users in exchange for money.

There is a subscription fee for the users to use particular websites and apps. But sub movies provides users to stream online and download the movies without any cost. Sub movies is that website that has displayed reluctance and consistency to ensure that users get HD quality while streaming. It has encouraged many copyright lawsuits that caused permanent and temporary blocking of the website.

Sub movies- watch free TV shows and movies online with subtitles-

Not every user watching movies and shows have the same mother tongue and knows all the languages. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to watch famous shows and movies that are not dubbed in your known language. Here, subtitles are the best cure. And sub movies website provides with the same.

One of the main reasons that sub movies are more famous than any other website is because this website provides online movies and tv shows with subtitles. The website is free of cost for the users. Contrary to that, subtitles are provided, which helps the users watch movies, series, and shows in any language without any language barrier. The movie or series is not dubbed in your tongue language; then it’s never a problem because sub movies’ websites solve that problem for the users. The languages users can get the subtitles are Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Icelandic, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, and the list goes and goes. Allowing to watch movies with subtitles shows that the organization of this website thinks about user convenience.

Pros & cons of submovies-

Along with advantages, everything comes with certain disadvantages. There is nothing which gives only pleasures without costing anything. To enjoy the rights, one must have to pay with duties. Likewise, while enjoying the advantages of this website, one must bear with the disadvantages.

Find benefits with sub movies proxy and mirror sites-

Every person likes to entertain themselves without paying money. And that’s the reason why most of the people prefer websites which give service in free to watch movies and shows. This type of free website is mostly banned by the government as it has copyrighted movies that are stolen, and this type of crime is against the law. The organization which is found behind this type of website are punished. Some of the countries have banned this type of website completely. Also, sub movies website has been stopped working in some countries.

The users who are more clever than the law and know hacks use free and banned websites with the help of Virtual Protocol Network (VPN). VPN help the users to enter into illegal sites, and after that, you can stream online movies and shows. It works by creating a tunnel connection that links the user privately with the public website. Users who do not have or don’t know how to use VPN cannot enter into this type of website, and their activities can be easily monitored, which is not safe. While streaming online on this website, many popups and ads display in between. But one must avoid them because clicking on those alerts may invite viruses in your software, eventually bringing many problems.

User rated sub movies alternative sites-

  • solar movies-

SolarMovies is like a search engine in a glance if we look on to the homepage. This is experienced by many users worldwide, and it helps to watch the best TV series with subtitles. Its layout and interface are highly incredible and a library filled with tons of Genres of many. Because the search button enabled facility brings users to experience a quick search action at the first visit instead of finding featured. The streaming is smooth, and you would confront no buffering issues on the off chance that you have a decent internet connection. When you search for a movie & picture, a popup will show up; you can choose a movie to play film in a flash.

  • Pros:
  1. A huge amount of movies
  2. Presence of a search button
  3. Easy to navigate the site
  4. The site works fast
  • Cons: 
  1. Ads do display
  2. The site gets down due to traffic of users
  • Rainierland-

Rainierland is yet another alternative to Subsmovies and does the same action. Users can watch free movies and streaming TV shows in the best manner. Besides, its collection with tons of genes and different language movies and shows with a single click. Rainierland includes a straightforward design, dependable lookup functionality, and fast servers. It also has a sister site, known as, which delivers a too modern online streaming encounter and is designed with mobile devices in your mind. You do need to go for any account creating action, and with a single keyword action, you will be landing what you want.

  • Pros:
  1. Great collection
  2. Search button is present
  3. The layout is very well designed and is impressive
  4. Genres are there
  • Cons:
  1. Ads are found
  2. Popups do display
  • Fmovies-

Most users get impressed with a website or whatever the thing on its interface, like what you feel while visiting the FMovies if you didn’t find Subsmovies. Users highly experience watching TV free online with subtitles on any language to your language with subtitles.

FMovies are approached by users for the Hollywood various genres, and search is user-friendly. Fmovies is a free movie site where you can stream your content with features such as HD quality and lights out options. In addition, an appreciable downloading action is built with FMovies to find an option to subs movies.

  • Pros:
  1. The search feature is found
  2. Integrated layout
  3. Huge collection of Hollywood movies and shows
  4. Download option is available
  • Cons:
  1. Many ads display
  2. The site may get down due to traffic
  • Stremio-

With its interface on the homepage, everyone inspiring to stick with it. Users are allowed to bookmark their favourite movies like the wish list facility. However, its fast-loading interface is brilliant with the collection of library is providing. Unfortunately, the fact is that you need to log in to the portal to find and enjoy all these good kinds of stuff.

  • Pros:
  1. Site runs fast compared to others
  2. Users can bookmark movies to watch them at a later date
  3. Huge collection of TV shows
  • Cons:
  1. Popups are there
  2. Login is essential
  • Watch online series-

A ton of TV shows in different languages deal with this website. The simple issue you will be facing with this is carrying third party ads running, which can be avoided using Adblocker.

  • 123movies-

123Movies is one of the most popular movies streaming sites. When it comes to watching the latest and the best movies and TV shows, you will most likely find everything here. A reason to relish 123movies is the navigation of the website, which makes it easy for users to find everything very easily. The interface is simple and elegant with movies and shows order with respect to each category. You can search whether you want movies or series as per your needs. Moreover, like other alternatives of Subsmovies, you will face heavy advertisement, but 123Movies isn’t like that. As it is famous and getting trending sites, users might experience slow because of huge traffic.

  • Pros:
  1. Huge collection of movies and shows
  2. Classification is done based on categories
  3. User interface is simple
  4. No more ads
  • Cons:
  1. Site works slow sometimes due to heavy traffic
  • Moviegaga-

Moviegaga presents you with the best user experience in its arrangement of layout how the movies and shows are arranged. In the Moviegaga library, you can pick a variety collection of shows at the earliest that sounds it’s pretty, very much fast. Of course, you hate that Moviegaga doesn’t support downloading, and popup ads are running. After all, the point of fact is that users can enjoy the latest collection of shows and movies of all languages at the earliest.

  • Pros:
  1. Movies are updated regularly
  2. Good layout
  3. Updated server
  • Cons-
  1. download option is not available
  2. popups are there
  • Popcornflix-

The developers of the popcornflix website come up with the best search feature and have a collection of old and latest Hollywood movies in the library. However, too many ads may irritate you sometimes. Otherwise, no complaints about this website are found.

  • Pros:
  1. Movies are found in HD and 4K quality
  2. The layout is designed very well
  3. Collection of Hollywood shows in the library
  4. Download option is there
  • Cons:
  1. Ads are found
  2. The site may be down
  3. Only a few languages are there

FAQ on sub movies-

  • Is it necessary to use VPN?-

It depends on the country in which you are using. In countries in which the use of these websites are banned, then there is a need to use VPN to access.

  • Is there any need for Wif-fi and mobile data to stream?-

Yes, there is a need. However, it is more advisable to use Wifi as it gives better speed service and quality than mobile data.


Sub movies are one of the most famous and eminent websites to stream online movies and shows. Most users found it worthy enough for the application also. The purpose of the sub movies website is that it provides movies in HD quality. And the website provides subtitles also. It depends on which country you are using because some countries have banned this type of website. The use of a VPN is advisable along with this type of website.


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