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Tips For Doing An Electrical Home Renovation

Whether you’re renovating your home or upgrading an old home, you can follow these tips for an electrical home renovation . With this you will get better functionality and usability; In addition, it is ensured that it complies with current security recommendations. In addition, this can increase the value of your home.

Why should I reform my electrical installation?

Although it may not be legally mandatory to change the wiring of a house, for safety it is best to adapt to the operation of the current electrical system.

A house with an old or poor quality wiring system is a potential security threat. Since fire or electric shock may occur.

And while they are not dangerous, they are frustrating and can damage appliances, power surges, blackouts, brownouts, and repeated circuit breaker tripping.

In addition, an electrical wiring increases the value of your property. You can opt for this type of reforms because you want a safer house, it is the main reason; but also because if you want to sell later you can add value.

The foregoing is even more important if certified electricians in Madrid do it.

Some signs that you need to improve the electrical system in your home are:

  • Light bulbs burn out faster than they should.
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently.
  • It has electrical problems.
  • Some lights flicker or turn off.
  • Switches or outlets feel hot to the touch.
  • Plugs are discolored or look charred.
  • Your electricity bill has increased for no reason.

Tips for doing an electrical home renovation

Follow our advice to change the electrical installation of your house, whether it is old or relatively modern.

Plan for a more efficient home

When doing comprehensive reforms, electricity is always involved, imagine that you end up with a new kitchen without enough power outlets or without the load to support all the appliances. If you are going to reform it is always better to think ahead and consider how much energy you will need.

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When you reform your house, you will not only need to make it look better, but you will also have to do deep reforms, such as electrical ones. Changing the electrical installation will be necessary for your safety and convenience.

By doing an electrical reform you can reduce the environmental impact of your home, also increase energy efficiency and eliminate the possibility of power outages.

Some modern electrical reforms are:

  • Smart lighting.
  • Led lights. Changing LED bulbs can be done by yourself, but if you want to install bars you will need electricians.
  • Built-in lights.
  • Dishwasher circuits.
  • Extractor hood.

Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)

These switches are designed to instantly shut off electricity if the plugged-in appliance or appliance comes into contact with water or other types of moisture. They are key safety devices in bathrooms and kitchens.

These are modern options, so if you have an older home you probably don’t have them.

Ask your electrician to replace them as part of an electrical refurbishment, this can cost upwards of 200 euros. And it will give your home more security.

Do not forget to change the electrical box or light box

The electrical installation inside the house or apartment begins with the General Control and Protection Panel (CGMP), which we commonly know as a light box. From this all the cables of the house start, for light, power outlet, kitchen, washing machine and the rest.

It is usually at the entrance of the house. Protect circuits from overloads, short circuits and any problems through the switches.

Houses today consume much more electrical energy than 10 years ago, an estimated 30-50% more than in the past. This means that the electrical panels need an update, due to the increase in demand.

Installing a new breaker box and a new electrical panel means a significant investment, between 500 and 2,000 euros depending on the size of the home, whether it needs a new one, a repair or just a revision. But consider that this is for your safety and comfort.

Before making the change, the first thing is to check the light box. That way you can see what condition it is in. If you have space and the cables are in good shape, you may be able to continue using it and have the capacity to add more switches.

The electrical panel must never have rust or be corroded, nor the cables that come out of it. This can lead to fires and other problems.

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The entire process, both revision and change of the box, must be done by a certified electrician.

Change the wiring if it is an old house

This is especially important if when reforming there will be changes in the walls, walls or ceilings. It will be a perfect opportunity to renew the wiring.

The price of wiring alone can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, including the size of the home. The best thing would be to request a free estimate and thus you can have a better idea of ​​the cost, on average it can be around 3000 euros.

Changing the electrical installation in an old house can have different prices, depending on the size of the property. This can vary from time to time.

It is important that you do this if you have years or even decades without updating this. Having old wiring is more likely to cause power outages, fires, and other electrical problems.

Take advantage of a reform to change the wiring and thus avoid voltage problems; but more importantly, you will have a safer home.

Update the switches

Traditional light switches are becoming a thing of the past. Today you can find touch light switches, with connection to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, with rotary dimmer and more.

There are options with motion sensors. All these will help save electricity and have a more modern house.

Repairing or changing a switch is a simple job, it can take an hour of work. The price of this home electrical reform varies between €20 and €90, this will depend on whether it is just a repair or if you need a replacement.

Calculate well the number of plugs

As the family grows they will need more outlets. So you must, together with the electrician, calculate how many you will add on each wall. We do not want to give an exact number because each family has different needs.

Also, adding more outlets means increasing your budget.

Also consider that not all rooms have the same uses. You don’t need the same number of power outlets for a home office as you do for the patio. Nor will a room for young children be the same as one for teenagers where they have a television, video games and computers.

Also calculate well how many plugs you will need for the kitchen.

If you use extension cords or power strips daily, it is probably time to do an electrical reform and add more power outlets. That way you won’t have to unplug one appliance to be able to plug in another.

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In addition, you can install charging stations for mobile phones and tablets. These plugs, which, in addition to traditional outlets, have USB ports are ideal for modern homes.

How to save on your budget for a reform of the electrical installation?

  • Try to avoid reform being the product of an emergency. An electrician’s hourly work due to an electrical emergency will be much more expensive than when visiting during normal business hours.
  • Ask for multiple quotes. The best thing when doing any reform is to consult different prices, so you can choose the option that best suits you.
  • Do not compare only the cost per hour of work of the electrician. Although these professional electricians may charge by the hour, also take into account the electrician’s experience, license and equipment when choosing.
  • Make sure the work is guaranteed.
  • Combine jobs. Above we mentioned that it was a good option to take advantage of when you are going to do a reform that involves knocking down walls and replacing the wiring, by combining jobs you will reduce costs and save money.
  • Consider renovations that will help you save money in the long run. For example, switching to LED lights will lower your electricity bill. Outdoor motion detection switches will also help save money and also improve the security of your home.

How much does it cost to replace the electrical installation?

An electrical installation reform implies changing all the electrical elements of a room or a complete house. Therefore, it can cost between 400 and 3,000 euros, depending on where it is done.

If it is just one room, let’s say a bathroom, it can cost less than 500 euros, if it is a kitchen it will be more expensive. If it is an entire apartment, this will exceed 1,500 euros, while if it is an extension it can be around 1,000 euros.

All the prices that we have given on how much it costs to change the electrical installation are estimates. As we mentioned before, the best thing would be to contact us with the details about what you need and the size of your home in order to give a more exact price for our work.

Always remember to prefer a certified electrician when doing an electrical home renovation. This ensures professional and quality work.

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