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Tips For Preparing An Outdoor Seating Area

Your garden or terrace will not be the same after you apply these tips to prepare an outdoor seating area . In Madrid reform company we give you ideas to transform these spaces and enjoy the outside.

Choose the perfect place for the outdoor seating area

The first thing you will wonder is where you will install this recreation area. There are cases in which it will be very clear where you will be, the property itself will guide you to that space.

In others, however, you have the option of choosing the place, according to the space available, the style and the use it will be given. If you have a large house with a garden and a terrace, you can choose either of the two. Better yet, with enough budget you can fit both.

But it doesn’t need to be such a wide space. The small gardens are also transformed into a comfortable and cozy area to sit down to read, relax, share with friends or have breakfast.

Even if you live in an apartment, you will find great ideas to decorate the balcony and enjoy the outdoors.

Here are some features you should consider to choose the most suitable space:

  • Find a place that is easy to access from inside the house; that is, it has a direct output.
  • Choose a space where you have privacy or that is easy to hide from the view of neighbors.
  • The rest area must be illuminated, otherwise it must be possible to extend the electrical installation to this place.
  • If you want to do it on the porch, find out first if it is possible to change the appearance of the facade. The same applies to those who live in the building.

Tips for preparing an outdoor seating area

Once you have chosen the place it is time to start designing your sleeping area. Ask yourself what activities you want to do in this area, so you can decide what you need. Maybe you’re looking for a place to sunbathe, or maybe you like to have outdoor parties.

Depending on the use you are going to give it, you will need one or another element. Think about the space you want to occupy, maybe you want to separate your sitting area from the rest of the garden for privacy.

The options you have to work with are many. However, getting started with the process can be overwhelming, which is why we bring you these recommendations that will make your decision-making easier.

Choose the style you want to give the space

This is one of the first decisions you need to make as it will guide the design process. Avoid improvising or choosing furniture on the fly, it is best to sit down and plan what style you are going to have.

In this way you will have an idea of ​​the final result and prepare a more accurate budget for the project.

In this sense, the style of the rest areas at home should imitate that of the rest of the property. Thanks to this it will look like an extension of the house itself, there will be more coherence in the design.

This has an advantage and that is that it allows you to further increase the value of the home.

Although it does not mean that it is an unbreakable rule. If you know how to play with the designs, you can include an oriental rest area in a modern house, for example.

You can adapt this place to any style even if you have a limited budget. One way to buy cheap garden furniture is to look at thrift stores. Or maybe you dare to make them yourself as a DIY project.

build a shed

We usually think of a shed as a place to store garden tools. But in this case we are talking about giving it another use, adding the appropriate furniture.

It does not have to be attached to the house, it can be built separately and leave one or two walls open to have contact with nature.

Place furniture inside the shed to make it look like a living room outside. Maybe you prefer a table to eat outside.

You can enjoy this space throughout the year if you add glass enclosures that protect it during the cold months .

Add good lighting

The idea of ​​these rest areas is to use them at any time, that includes summer nights. Therefore, you have to make sure that it is illuminated.

The lighting will be part of the decoration and, depending on the luminaires you choose, it will achieve one effect or another. It is advisable to choose a warm light for this space, of medium intensity.

If there is no electrical installation, you can call our electricians in Madrid to solve this problem. Or you have the option to buy solar garden lights that do not need electricity.

Solar lamps come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes, so they will fit well into your garden design. And at the same time you are taking care of the environment.

One point to take into account is lighting the way to the rest area, especially on the steps. Of the rest, the design options are very varied. You can opt for portable lamps, place ambient lighting, hide the luminaires among the plants, etc.

Build green roofs

Speaking of caring for the environment, green roofs are an alternative that is used in sustainable houses . The good thing is that you can also use them in your garden.

If you choose to build a shed or put up a pergola you have the alternative of covering the roof with plants. You will thus achieve a cooler, ventilated and shaded space to rest without problem.

Buy quality furniture

Remember that outdoor furniture is exposed to the weather. Buying quality products with resistant materials is a priority in modern patios .

Wood is one of the preferred materials for the exterior. Even if you think that the weather changes will harm you, the truth is that if it is well protected it will last for years. As for textiles, there are waterproof materials that will prevent your cushions from suffering in the open.

Put aside plastic chairs and tables. First, because they are not the most comfortable and, secondly, they get damaged and can cause accidents when they break.

Use plants to your advantage

We have already seen how to include them in the ceiling, but there are many other ways to use them. That’s why we include plants in our tips for setting up an outdoor lounging area.

They will not only serve to beautify your garden or terrace. They are also your allies to get a cooler place, which you will appreciate during the summer.

In addition, they will provide you with shade; They will help you delimit your rest area, differentiating it from the rest of the place. They are also used to give privacy to the space, even to hide flaws that you are not happy with.

Small furniture for limited spaces

On small terraces you can also get a comfortable seating area. In these cases you must consider the limitations of space and the proportion of the furniture.

More info   Advantages and disadvantages of stone cladding

In the market you will find small furniture, although you have the option of making them to measure.

add a fireplace

Fireplaces outside bring warmth to the space, just as they can become the center of attention. A piece of furniture or a couple of chairs can go around it, depending on the area you have.

Or it can also be in front of a table if you want a cozy place for dinner.

Having a fireplace in your sleeping area will also allow you to use it at any time of the year.

Awnings and pergolas

An easy way to get a rest area is to install awnings or pergolas in the garden. These delimit the space and you only have to place the furniture you want under their shade.

What furniture do you need to set up your outdoor seating area?

Below is a list of furniture and accessories to consider when setting up your outdoor break room.

  • Divan. This piece of furniture will allow you to sit or lie down; There are individual, double and for more people. There are also hanging daybeds and you can place them on the porch or in the garden.
  • Hammocks. If you are looking for comfort, this is the ideal complement to relax. There are with or without support. There are also the hammock chairs where you can adjust the size if you want to sit or lie down.
  • Hanging shops. This is an alternative that children will enjoy. It is an ideal play and rest space for the little ones.
  • parasols If you have a small space, perhaps adding a sunshade is enough. To add more style to the decoration consider the base.
  • Loungers. To lie down outdoors or sunbathe for a while, this is a comfortable and practical option.
  • Outdoor dining. If you want an outdoor dining area, you need a sturdy dining room.
  • Outdoor furniture. As in the previous case, there is specific furniture for outdoors, with cushions and materials resistant to sun and water.
  • Extendable tables. Sometimes you have several guests, other times you prefer to enjoy this space alone; if so, consider having one of these tables to increase seats when you need it.
  • Lounge type furniture. They are ideal for a rest area with little space, they are also modern.


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