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Types Of Interior Wall Cladding

If you are looking to give your home a different touch, knowing the types of interior wall coverings can help you transform and renew some environments

Function of wallcoverings

Coatings in construction can be defined as the plate of a certain material that is placed on a surface with the main objective of protecting it. These can be installed on walls, ceilings or floors either inside or outside a home or establishment.

There are various materials that can be used as cheap interior wall coverings. But it is essential that they fulfill the following functions:

  • Protection : The main objective of placing a coating is the protection of the surface from external elements.
    • In the case of exterior wall cladding, these must combat the incidence of rainwater, snow, temperature changes and the erosive action of the wind.
    • While those that are placed indoors prevent premature wear, deterioration, prevent the wall from permanent staining and more. They can even have excellent temperature and sound insulation properties.
  • Aesthetics : A coating should enhance your appearance and hide any imperfections in the finish. Aesthetics is a determining factor when selecting this element. That is why texture, color and finish play an important role in his designs.

Tips for choosing interior wall cladding

If you want to choose the best coating for the interior walls of your home or office, take these tips into account:

  • Define the style you want: Before you start choosing coatings, you should know what style you want for that space. The material you choose must meet your expectations in both functionality and finish. You should also make sure that the color matches the palette you intend to use in the space. Hiring an interior designer can be very helpful in these cases.
  • Do not forget the maintenance: Another aspect that you should consider before choosing the wall covering is maintenance. Many materials can be cheap, but the cost increases because they require constant maintenance.
  • Efficiency: If you are looking to increase the efficiency of your home, you should choose coatings with good thermal properties that retain heat in winter and keep the environment cool in the hot months. Sound insulation is also very important. In the latter case, the best option is wood.

Types of interior wall cladding

A very creative and easy way to completely change the look of an area or room is to bring your walls to life. For this you can use different types of interior cladding. Some of the most popular are:

Plaster and paint

Plaster, also known as plaster or stucco, is a type of coating that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This can be formed with cement, lime or a combination of both materials.

Its main objective is to cover the imperfections that the walls, partitions or even the ceilings present to improve their characteristics and aesthetics. You can use it to hide or fix cracks in the wall .

There are different types, but the most used on interior walls are smooth, scratched and in some cases rough plaster.

You can apply it on all the walls in a room in case it is smooth. But if you choose it striped or rough to give texture to just one wall, it will give an interesting touch to a space. You can then paint the wall any color you like to create beautiful contrasts.


Wood cladding is quite common, as it is a very versatile material that adapts to different styles of decoration. You can cover walls with wood paneling and make the room look very elegant or rustic.

It is possible to choose between different types of natural or synthetic wood and a large number of shades. When making your decision, remember that natural wood requires maintenance to keep it in good condition and that this can be a bit expensive.

It is an ideal material for covering walls. Since in addition to giving a warm and comfortable appearance to an area, it is a good thermal and acoustic insulator. In addition, placing this coating requires a dry job and will not take much time to do.


Natural stone is an interesting alternative to cover interior walls. It is a rustic material with which you can create very elegant, sophisticated and original spaces.

The best way to use them is to place them on a wall or just a section of it. You should not use them excessively because the environment can be overloaded.

Natural stones can be quite expensive, but you can substitute some good quality imitations .

Tiles and ceramics

Most people associate tile and ceramic with kitchen or bathroom walls, but they also look great in other settings if you use them sparingly.

You can place them on a section of walls in a busy hallway or even in a dining room or bedroom.


If you want a space to look larger and more luxurious, you can cover one of its walls with lacquered glass. This is a type of surface covering that is made of colored glass and gives the wall a very bright and modern touch.

One of its great advantages is that it is very easy to clean, which is why it is widely used in kitchen renovations and areas such as the dining room.

polished microcement

One of the trending coating materials is polished microcement. It is a material that can be applied to almost any surface such as ceramics, cement, wood, plaster and others.

Its finish is smooth and continuous. You can use it on interior walls if you are looking for a rustic or industrial style for some space.

This coating must be placed by specialized personnel to avoid possible failures in the finish.


Currently, plasterboard is widely used as one of the types of coatings for interior walls, since its placement is very simple and clean. They can also be placed on multiple surfaces and absorb moisture .

The plates or panels in most cases are made to measure. These can have different dimensions, be smooth or with three-dimensional designs. They are an excellent alternative to save during the complete reform of your home.


The bricks can be used as cladding for walls. They are ideal for homes that have a modern or rustic industrial style.

In general, masonry bricks are not used, but panels that simulate the texture and shape of bricks . You can find them made of different materials and they are very easy to install.

Other options that can help you improve the look of the walls in a room are wallpaper and chalkboard paint.

cheap interior wallcoverings

Among the most economical interior wall coverings are:

  • Plaster and paint: It is the most economical and practical alternative. It is made with plaster or different types of cement to cover the imperfections of the wall. Paint is then applied and voila.
  • Plasterboard: They are increasingly used in reforms, since their placement does not require work. They have a smooth finish that you can paint any color you want. With them you can cover various types of interior walls. Although they are not recommended for areas with high humidity.
  • Wallpaper: Another very economical option of materials to cover interior walls is wallpaper. Its average cost is between 10 and 40 euros per square meter. In addition, it is easy to install.

Types of exterior coatings

Interior wall cladding is different from exterior wall cladding as the latter must be more resistant to natural elements such as the sun and precipitation. But there are some materials that adapt to both cases. These are:

  • Wood: Although not the best option, this can also be used on exterior walls. It must receive a treatment so that it can better resist climatological agents.
  • Ceramic: Although its use is not so common in exterior walls, it is an excellent alternative, since it does not require much maintenance, it is easy to install and it is also an economical material.
  • Bricks: It is a type of coating that never goes out of style. It is very striking, but also resistant.
  • Stones: This material is ideal to give an elegant, but rustic look to your house. It can be used both indoors and on the facade.

You can use any of the types of interior wall cladding and give your home a new look.

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