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Types Of Skylight For Your House

Some rooms in the house require lighting that complements natural light, and there are also those that cannot be fitted with windows to the outside

Why put a skylight in your house?

Skylights, skylights or skylights are windows that are placed in the ceiling or the top of a wall. This allows them to provide more light than regular windows.

Installing a skylight in different rooms or areas of your home has many advantages. Some of them are:

Bring in more light

Compared to a regular window, skylights let in a greater amount of light . This is mainly due to their flattering location, which allows them to receive more sunlight during the day.

Connection with the outside

If the skylight is made of a transparent material, you will be able to see clearly to the outside and enjoy this view. Usually what you will be able to see will be the sky.

Although if you want to have a better view of the landscape, having panoramic windows is a great option with many benefits.

Take advantage of natural light

Some of the rooms do not have windows that allow natural light to enter. This is very common in bathrooms and some hallways. Placing a skylight or skylight is a great solution to this problem. This will keep the area naturally lit as long as there is sunlight.

They are decorative elements

In addition to being an element that allows the entry of natural light, it also has a great decorative character. And you can play with its shapes to make the skylight even more eye-catching.

energy saving

Installing one or more skylights in high-use rooms will allow you to keep it illuminated for several hours with natural light. And so the use of artificial lighting will decrease, which helps save electricity.

greater privacy

The skylights guarantee the privacy of the users of the house. On the contrary, the windows often let you see more of what you want from the interior of the house, so the use of curtains or blinds is used to limit visibility from the outside.

many designs

Another of the great advantages of skylights is that you can design them using different materials and shapes that adapt to the style of each room and its needs.

What to consider before installing a skylight?

Before you buy or design your skylight consider the following aspects:

Glazing or cover

The most used materials for the skylight cover are acrylic or plexiglass and glass.

Plexiglass is very cheap, strong and lightweight. But it scratches from receiving blows; In addition, the greater the percentage of UV rays that it receives, the greater the wear, to the point where it can develop cracks.

On the other hand, glass is more durable and has greater thermal and acoustic insulation capacity. You can choose between tempered and laminated. The latter is the most expensive option since it is the safest and has better properties.

If you put a cover of poor quality, it is possible that more condensation and humidity will occur and that it will not help keep the space at a comfortable temperature. Also, it can break easily and you will have to replace it.

insulation factor

Depending on the area where you live, it is necessary that the skylight has a certain level of insulation. In colder places you can choose double or triple glazed glass.

You can also choose a glass that increases the amount of heat retained inside.


Skylights are always placed on roofs or decks. In this way they allow the passage of light while there is sun. But its exact location will depend on your needs and those of each space.

For example, it is common to place a skylight in the bathroom above the bathtub. Also in the attic and to illuminate the stairs.

The location may vary depending on how complicated the installation is in some areas. Sometimes there are areas of the ceiling or surfaces with a large number of cables, beams or pipes that prevent the placement of the skylight.

Types of skylight for your house

There are different types of skylights, but the most common are:


This type of skylight does not open and is usually placed in high ceilings. Unlike other models, this one cannot be opened and closed . Therefore, it will not help control the humidity in the room or its ventilation. It only allows the access of natural light.

with ventilation

At first glance they look like fixed skylights, but their cover can be opened and closed either manually or electronically.

By opening this type of skylight you can regulate the humidity of a room, allow air to circulate and regulate the internal temperature. It could even serve as an emergency exit if it meets the necessary specifications.

But it is important to mention that these are more expensive than the fixed ones.


Tubular or solar skylights are elongated tubes that trap and reflect natural light into the home or a certain room. That is, they do not resemble a window like the most common ones.

Despite its shape, its installation is quite simple and most models have a light intensity regulator. In addition, some even have air extractors that help regulate humidity and improve ventilation.

Its price varies according to its size and functions. But there are very affordable options.

One of its negative aspects is that it does not give you a view of the outside like other skylights that resemble windows.

Skylights according to their mounting method

There are two mounting methods for skylights. These are:

skid mounted

The skylight frame sits directly on the deck, deck, or surface. This leaves them with a slight elevation of the ceiling level.

In this case, we recommend that the installation be done by a professional , since he must fix the frame to the ceiling and make sure that it is well integrated.

with built-in mount

The skylight already has a built-in frame made to measure. This must have a double wall and be well insulated.

When a skylight is installed using this technique it is less prone to leaks. And it does not protrude from the roof or deck where it is located. But it is more expensive than the built-in ones.

Depending on the shape of the skylight

  • Flat: they are the most common. These have a rectangular shape and as a cover they have glass or flat acrylic. They can be fixed or with ventilation.
  • Round: they are not very common. From the inside they look round and on the outside they are flat. They add a lot of style to any room.
  • Dome type: they have an upward projection that is rounded or in the shape of a half bubble. They are very common and, in general, their cover is made of resistant materials such as acrylic. This makes them quite sturdy. It is a very inexpensive type of skylight and looks quite good.
  • Pyramidal: they have a square or rectangular base and project upwards in the form of a pyramid of four triangles. They create a very striking visual effect, but they capture less light than other simpler ones.
  • Polygonal: they protrude from the ceiling in the form of acrylic or glass polygons such as octagons, hexagons and other shapes. They give a very dramatic effect, but have great aesthetic value which makes them more expensive than other simpler models.
  • Polygonal vaulted: they protrude outwards forming a polygon with several sections of glass or acrylic. Its base can be geometric or in some unique way.
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Best places to install a skylight

Skylights are ideal for rooms or areas that do not have natural light sources such as windows, or that are located on higher levels. It is very common for them to be placed in attics, lofts and in the section of the ceiling that is above a corridor or staircase.

If you are designing a custom walk-in closet step by step, you can add a skylight. This will allow you to keep it lit longer and give it a much more sophisticated aesthetic.

Disadvantages of skylights

Although skylights provide you with many benefits, you should also be aware of their negative aspects before deciding whether to install them in your home.

  • Leaks can occur: being placed mainly on the roof, the possibility that in the rainy or snowy season the water seeps through its edges, if these are not well sealed, is quite high.
  • Light entering very early: It is important that you think carefully about where you are going to place a skylight. Since these let in natural light since the sun begins to rise. So placing them in a bedroom, just above a bed, is not a good idea.
  • They need constant maintenance: Since skylights are installed on roofs , keeping them clean is quite complicated , especially if they are fixed.

It is important to mention that many types of skylight must be placed by masons in Madrid or expert carpenters. Since if there are deficiencies in the installation, leaks can appear in a very short time.

If you are looking for a way to illuminate a space, select one of the types of skylights for your home. 

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