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Uses Of Wood To Save Energy

When talking about noble materials for construction, this one undoubtedly stands out. In this opportunity we will talk about the uses of wood to save energy .

Wood Characteristics

Wood has been used in construction for centuries. It is an easy material to find in nature and at the same time with unique properties that make it ideal for use in this work.

But what are those characteristics that make this material so suitable for use in a home?

  • It is durable, in fact today we find wooden constructions made many years ago and that are still standing. The wooden structures will be maintained over time as long as they are given the proper treatment and are maintained.
  • It has good resistance despite being a light material.
  • Fire resistance. Although it is a combustible and flammable material, the truth is that there is no greater risk of fire in a wooden house than with concrete. The fire is not caused by the material used, but by other problems such as a short circuit. If it happens, it burns slowly because it does not conduct heat well.
  • It is an excellent thermal insulator, in fact one of the best that exists. A wooden wall can offer twice the insulation of a concrete wall with the same dimensions. For this reason, its use has increased in favor of energy efficiency.
  • It is adaptable, both to climatic conditions and construction and design styles. So no matter you live in a hot or cold climate, you can use it without any problem. To which is added the possibility of creating different styles from each other.
  • Lastly, it is easy to handle and mount; construction is done dry, thus eliminating the need to use water during the process.

Increase comfort in your home

Using wood as a building material will also increase people’s convenience and comfort. Just the fact of being surrounded by a natural material already generates a positive psychological effect.

In addition, it has other advantages that increase the feeling of well-being, apart from the use to save electricity .

It has hygroscopic properties, which means that it regulates humidity and temperature. In this way it also contributes to the care of the health of the inhabitants of the house, reducing respiratory problems.

It keeps the interior temperature stable throughout the year, allowing you to reduce the use of air conditioning and heating.

On the other hand, it is also a good acoustic insulator; Thanks to this feature, it prevents outside noise from passing into the home.

Uses of wood to save energy

Nowadays we find that wood is used above all for the elaboration of furniture such as fitted wardrobes , bookcases, tables, chairs and more. But it is being used more and more for structures.

This trend has increased thanks to the characteristics that we mentioned before and the advantages it has over other materials such as concrete and steel.

Furthermore, in a world that cares more about the environment, construction timber provides the ideal means to increase sustainability. Its insulating feature helps reduce the use of heating or air conditioning by more than 50%.

This translates into significant savings on the electricity bill. Likewise, by reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions to the environment are reduced.

It is used in many different ways in construction. For example, to lift the structure itself, such as cladding, roofs, doors, windows, among others. Another advantage is that it makes a great combination with other natural materials such as stone.

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Let’s review how to use it:

insulating panels

As this is one of the most relevant characteristics, its use in insulating panels and cladding must be highlighted. They are used both outside and inside buildings.

Wood fiber panels save energy, they do not create thermal bridges, so no energy will be lost.

Roofs and covers

In addition to exterior walls, it is also used in the construction of roofs and decks. It can be alone or in combination with other materials. Within this system, beams and reinforcements are also included.

To prevent heat from escaping through the cover, it must be thick enough, since a lot of energy is lost through it.


Another use of wood in construction is on floors. This is another area through which heat is lost, so using wood greatly improves insulation. Unlike what happens with other materials such as ceramics or marble, which are very cold.

On its own, wood offers good insulation, but you can make it even better by adding rugs.

There are different types of wood that can be used for flooring; In addition, combined with other elements, it offers multiple options for decorating your home.

Doors and windows

The wood is not only used in construction elements, but also in molds and carpentry. The doors and windows are part of the latter. These zones also let heat escape if they are not chosen well and therefore increase electricity consumption.

Wooden windows are among the most efficient, they contribute to thermal and acoustic insulation when combined with the appropriate glass. They prevent drafts from entering the interior of the house.

In the case of doors, the most efficient ones are made of solid wood and improve the insulation in each room they are used.

Carpenters in Madrid can create a wide variety of door and window designs thanks to the versatility of this material.

Care and prevention measures

Wood is an ecological material and contributes to a more sustainable construction. The one used in this sector is obtained from controlled forests.

Despite the advantages it has, you have to be very careful with them to avoid deterioration.

In the first place, when choosing the wood, it is necessary to verify that it is not damp, since this will cause it to rot, which will deteriorate the structure. The other problem it faces is termites that also weaken it.

Therefore, the wood must be treated to avoid the presence of these animals. In the same way, maintenance must be done with certain frequency to avoid the deterioration of the structure.

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