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What Are The Best Enclosures For Terraces

There are those who take advantage of this area to expand the useful space of the house or want to protect it from the outside to enjoy it all year round. If you are thinking of doing this renewal, continue reading this post.

Benefits of installing an enclosure on the terrace

The terraces and balconies can be converted into a dining room, a place of recreation, to relax or be in contact with nature. But as they are exposed to the elements, this prevents them from being enjoyed in adverse weather conditions. That’s when closing them becomes an option.

These are some of the advantages of closing a terrace :

  • Installing an enclosure on the terrace provides greater privacy.
  • It serves to expand the useful space of the house. There you can install a dining room, office, an internal garden, etc.
  • It allows air conditioning the house and protect it from cold and heat to be able to enjoy it all year round.
  • The enclosures help keep the terrace cleaner, as it prevents the passage of dust, rain and dirt into the interior.
  • It also reduces the entry of external noise into the house.
  • Thanks to all of the above, this reform serves to revalue the house .

What to take into account before installing an enclosure?

Before making the decision to close a terrace , keep in mind the following tips:

  • If you live in a community, check first if you can do this reform and if they have any technical specifications, as is the case in many cases.
  • Check with the administration for the permissions you need. To make any changes, you will need a building license on terraces .
  • The glass enclosures favor the entry of light; however, depending on the orientation of the facade and the position of the sun, you will need some type of protection against the sun such as curtains or blinds.
  • The orientation of the enclosure will affect the energy cost. In Spain, the south accumulates more natural heat and the north is colder. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to choose the appropriate insulating materials and systems.
  • One of the aspects that you should consider when choosing the best carpentry for the enclosure of terraces is the decoration. The material must be in harmony with the style of the rest of the house.
  • The use that will be given to the space will be key to choosing the most suitable type of enclosure, including the material of the profiles. If you want to expand the interior space, then the need for insulation will be greater than if you are looking for a place to rest outside.
  • On the other hand, consider the insulation of the house before placing any enclosure. This is important because many times we use these facilities as a barrier between the climate and the rest of the house; however, this is a mistake that will only cost you more money.

What are the best enclosures for terraces?

When you decide to close the terrace or balcony of your house, you must have all the information to select the best option. There are different alternatives on the market, if you have doubts about which is the best for your home, consult the home renovation company in Madrid of your choice.

Keep in mind that it is not always about knowing how to close a terrace with little money . Sometimes it will be necessary to wait until you have a larger budget to do the work more in line with your needs. But this is the kind of information that the experts will clarify for you.

In the meantime, learn about the types of enclosures you can choose from.

sliding windows

They are a type of folding enclosure, which can be opened completely without large profiles that reduce space.

Sliding windows and doors slide on rails and allow opening up to 80%. Let take advantage of natural light, while you can place curtains or blinds, as well as any type of furniture.

It can be found in PVC and aluminum; however, the acoustic and thermal insulation system still needs to be improved. Another disadvantage would be cleaning, since it is necessary to disassemble some of the leaves to do so.

folding windows

It is also known as enclosures with accordion windows. In this type of structure, the sliding leaves are articulated and rotate on the lateral vertical axis.

It is convenient to install them when the space to be covered is very large. Its “booklet” mechanism allows the total or partial opening of the enclosure. In addition, you can choose between opening them towards the interior or the exterior of the terrace.

glass curtains

Enclosures with glass curtains consist of several sheets of glass that are joined together on the side. They only have frames at the top and bottom. One of its biggest advantages is that it lets in natural light.

It also helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside in winter, although in summer it can be a problem. This also depends on the orientation of the terrace or balcony.

They are easy to clean, but you have to do it frequently and, in addition, they increase the value of the house.

Enclosures for medium-height terraces

This type of enclosure is the one that is frequently used for balconies and in high-rise homes. The system is installed on a masonry wall. Glass curtains are often used to enclose the space.

Fixed or mobile ceilings

To achieve a closed terrace it is possible to install a roof over it. In this case there are also different alternatives from which you can choose:

  • Glass roofs. They allow greater light and can be complemented with awnings to regulate the passage of UV rays in the hottest months.
  • Polycarbonate roofs. It is a light material, but with great thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.

Types of materials for carpentry

Terrace enclosures are also classified by the material used for the carpentry. The most common are PVC and aluminum. Wooden doors and windows are also installed , but less frequently.

PVC carpentry is insulating since the material does not conduct temperature, but the cost is higher than aluminum. The latter needs to have Thermal Bridge Break (RTP) to provide greater insulation. In addition, it is more versatile than PVC.

In the case of wood, prices are higher because it has to be of high quality and requires special treatments. But it is possible to install aluminum carpentry outside and wood inside if you want to include this material.

To obtain the appropriate level of insulation, it is not only about the material of the carpentry, but also the level of tightness and the quality of the glass. The type of glass plays an important role in these systems and tempered glass is generally used . Other types of glass you can choose from are solar control, low-e and high selectivity. These will help control the heat that enters the terrace.

Is aluminum or PVC enclosure better?

Among the types of carpentry for terrace enclosures that we mention, the most used are PVC and aluminum. These are more efficient than others thanks to their insulating characteristics, both acoustic and thermal.

PVC ones do not have a thermal bridge and are more expensive than aluminum ones. The latter, meanwhile, allow more natural light to enter as they are narrower profiles and have a greater variety of finishes.

When choosing the material for the profiles, it must also be considered that these alone will not determine the level of insulation. The type of glass will also influence, as well as the tightness of the terrace enclosure.

How to close a porch with little money?

The terrace is not the only place where we like to enjoy the exterior of our houses. There are those who also enjoy spending time in the front of the house, on the porch. But in this place the same inconvenience of the climate is presented, for which it is necessary to look for solutions that allow to take advantage of the place.

The terrace enclosures for the porch could well be copied . That is, place sliding windows, glass curtains or one of the other options. Or you could opt for a simpler alternative. Here are inexpensive options you can turn to:

  • Placing vertical awnings is an inexpensive way to create a barrier against the wind and get a little privacy. It does not have an insulating effect, but it does make it more comfortable to stay on the porch.
  • Install a wooden pergola to create a space to hang out. These usually do not have a cover, which differentiates them from a porch. However, awnings can be installed over it or climbing plants can be installed to provide shade.
  • Install plastic fencing to enclose the porch only when necessary. These can be unfolded from the top or the sides.

It all depends on how you will use the space. If you want to extend the useful space or place an extra room on the porch, the insulation needs will be different than if you just want a place to relax, to enjoy a few hours a day.

Also consider the other factors that we mentioned before, such as the orientation of the house and its location, as this influences the effectiveness of the enclosure.

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