Do you love the feel of soft, luxurious carpet under your feet? Installing carpets comes with a great many benefits, and we are not just talking about price. They provide a soft, safe spot for your kids to play and even helps to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. Sure, they may need a bit more maintenance, but they are the cheapest insulators — something we Canadians appreciate and love.

When shopping for and installing carpet, there are some things you need to keep in mind. To enable you to choose the right carpet and avoid making common mistakes, check out this handy guide.

How to Pick the Right Carpet for Your Home

If shopping for carpets has you confused, follow these tips to pick the right style for your space.

  • Understand The Room in Which It Is to Be Installed

Carpets cannot be installed in every room. So expect your local carpet dealer to ask you questions like:

● How is the room going to be used?

● What is the expected foot traffic in the room?

● Is your room next to any outdoor space?

Questions like these reveal how you and your family use the room and are a deciding factor to whether or not the carpet will be suitable for that area.

Our advice is to take time to understand these aspects of your room. If it is accessible from outside, then it has a higher chance of getting dirty. Also, let them know if you have pets or children.

  • Choose the Colour and Style

There are hundreds of different colours and styles from which to choose. That can get quite overwhelming, but the wrong style and colour could make or break your room. When shopping for your carpet, make sure to mention the size of your room. Smaller rooms can be made to look larger with a lighter coloured carpet, while a mid to darker-coloured carpet is more suitable for larger spaces.

Notice the natural lighting in the room where you intend to install the carpet. Plenty of natural light is great to show the true colour of your carpet. But if you have a room that doesn’t have too much visible light then a lighter shade may be more appropriate. Also, if you have kids or pets, it is best to choose a darker and thicker carpet for their play area.

Ask your local carpet dealer to provide you with swatches of fabric, so you know what’s right for your space.

  • Understand the Price Point

How do you choose the best flooring option within your budget? One of the most affordable flooring options is definitely carpeting.

But what exactly are you getting for your money? If you are redecorating your space or installing carpet over an old, worn-out floor, you need to get something that’s worth your money.

Keep in mind that carpets come with various specialties. Just like hardwood or engineered flooring, they too have features that you will need to understand. Certain carpets are stain resistant, while others may be strictly decorative. Talk to the carpet dealer and understand what you are installing and see if it matches your needs. Prices will vary according to the feature you choose. If staying within your budget is your primary concern, make sure to share that with your local carpet installer.

Remember, to look for reputable local carpet installers near you. Installation charges will add to the budget, so make sure you have an allowance for that.

  • Check the Warranty and Other Aspects

The benefit of investing in branded carpets is that they come with a warranty. Anything can go wrong, but a warranty helps customers exercise their right to service their purchase. Good-quality carpets will come with a warranty. But remember to read the fine print, because not complying with any one of the regulations may result in its termination. Keep in mind that the seller is not responsible for honouring the warranty; the manufacturer is.

Care and maintenance of your carpet also matter. Over time, just like any flooring material, your carpets will naturally wear out. But, cleaning them properly with the right products will increase their lifespan. Deep cleaning twice a year and regular vacuuming will result in clean and hygienic carpets.

Choosing the right carpet for your home may seem like a big task at first. But keeping a few things in mind and following our guide will enable you to make the right decision. Always choose a reputable renovation store that deals in carpet, or a carpet superstore. It will help you get the best-quality product at a good price. Get in touch with your local renovation store to get started on your dream project.