If you want to know how to design a bathroom with little space , here we will tell you what you have to take into account. Learn ways to make the most of every part of your home for great results.

Steps to plan the design of a bathroom

The bathroom is a very important part of a home, whether it is for personal use or for visitors. Therefore, it is always sought to have an excellent appearance.

The design of a bathroom requires prior planning so that it can be useful and there are no problems with the drain or pipes. The previous steps to make this space functional are:

Define a budget

One of the first things to worry about when designing a bathroom is having a budget. Depending on the investment you are willing to make, you will know what you can do and what your limits are.

If you are going to design the bathroom from scratch, you must take into account that you are going to need more materials and labor. Therefore, the investment will be a little higher. If, on the other hand, you just want to remodel it will be a bit easier and less expensive.

To have a budget adapted to reality, you should ask in different stores about the costs of the materials that you will need. Also, do not forget to include the amount of the company you hire. This will help you save during your home renovation .

Find a professional

When making reforms it is better to have experts. Many times people prefer to do this type of work on their own and it is more expensive, because they are not well done.

It is best to hire a company that specializes in home renovations and  bathroom design . With this you will have the guarantee of good finishes.

Measure the space

When you have a small space it is essential to know how many meters you have. Since in this way you can make a better planning of the distribution of space.

The ideal is to take advantage of every inch you have for the design of the bathroom.

Define priorities

Many times you want to have a bathroom with a modern style , but for this you must define priorities when designing it. This has a lot to do with your budget. It is ideal that you first worry about functionality.

Sometimes when the space is very small, it is decided to make a half bathroom, that is, one that only has a sink and toilet. This is a good option if it is the guest.

How to design a bathroom with little space?

Many think that designing a bathroom with little space can be complex. But there are a few tricks you can apply to make the most of every square foot you have and still get the look you want.

Create a plan of your bathroom

One of the first things to do when carrying out bathroom renovations in Madrid is to create 2×1 or 2×3 bathroom plans, which are perhaps the most common dimensions. This will help define each of the spaces and how much the furniture you select occupies.

You need to be aware of how you will open the bathroom door and that it will not be obstructed by the toilet, shower or sink. Talk to the expert you hired to show you small bathroom plans or layout ideas that suit what you’re looking for.

wear light colors

Light colors are well known for bringing light and also make spaces look much larger. It is recommended that you use a color range that is neutral or low in saturation.

Remember that the space is small and if you have many strong colors the bathroom will look saturated. This is not to say that you should completely eliminate dark tones, just that they should be used sparingly and carefully.

You can include a more striking color in small decorative details such as vases or bathroom accessories . You could even add a wall of patterned wallpaper. This will give depth to the space. But remember not to abuse.

Find a style that suits

Currently there are many designs and styles of decoration. However, one of the most popular is the minimalist style. This is characterized by the simplicity and elegance of having only the strictly necessary elements.

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This works great in small spaces. Since there is little space, it is not always possible to include so many elements. This avoids saturation and the feeling that everything is cluttered and messy.

Other people opt for a vintage style in their bathrooms . The best thing about it is that the color palette used is clear, especially in pastel tones. This can be achieved easily. Just by adding floral details on the wall, elements that look old or even a round mirror with some design and texture.

Choose a shower instead of a bathtub

Many people like bathtubs, but they are not always the best option for small bathrooms. Since they take up more space and the idea is to optimize each of the meters it has.

Small bathrooms with showers will be much more functional. In addition, they can have reduced measures so that they do not take up so much space. And they remain functional and comfortable for the person who wears them.

If you want to place partitions, it is recommended that they be sliding. Since it will look more elegant and will not take up space that can be used for another area of ​​the bathroom.

Look for furniture and pieces that fit the space

When looking for the pieces for your bathroom, take into account the space, that is, what you buy must be small. To do this, you must be guided by the plan you made previously.

Ideally, you should be clear about how much each area is going to occupy when you go shopping. In the case of storage furniture, it is almost always a better option to have it made. Because that way you will have the exact measurements and style you want.

Ideas to distribute small bathrooms

You do not need many square meters to have functional and beautiful bathrooms in your house or apartment. Just a little ingenuity. If your bathrooms are 2×3 or even a little smaller and you don’t know how to start placing the elements. We will help you.

The first thing you need to do is be sure who will be using the bathroom. It is not the same to design small bathrooms for children than for adults.

It is important that you focus on what is really necessary . Since you must make the most of the space.

We recommend placing a shower with transparent screens. This creates a feeling of spaciousness.

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It is not recommended to put a bathtub, since these take up a lot of space.

Floating furniture is not the best option for small bathrooms. Since in some cases space is wasted. Shelves on the wall are a good option, especially over the toilet.

With regard to storage space, you can place furniture or shelves in the aerial zones. As well as using objects that, in addition to serving as decoration, also work to save or store objects. It is very important that you take advantage of the space without making the bathroom look overloaded. You can use cabinets close to it to store items like extra towels.

How to make a bathroom look bigger?

Bathrooms with little space are often not totally pleasant, because they give the feeling of being trapped due to their small dimensions. But there are some tricks that will help you make these look larger and more comfortable.

  • Focus on lighting: Add lamps on the walls or ceiling to increase lighting. Small apartment bathrooms usually have a window, take advantage of natural light by placing transparent glass.
  • Place transparent screens: This type of door prevents the bathroom from being divided into different spaces. Continuity always helps to give the feeling of spaciousness. The partitions can be glass or some plastic material with a similar finish.
  • Floor-level shower: By making the floor of the entire bathroom appear continuous, the space appears larger. It is the same effect as with transparent screens.
  • Add mirrors: Mirrors are necessary in any bathroom. Place a large one or even several, these, in addition to being decorative elements, make the spaces look much larger, since they reflect the light.
  • Place a toilet without a pedestal: Toilets without a pedestal give a greater feeling of spaciousness since they take up less space. Also, they are more modern.
  • Keep it organized. Order is essential for a small space to look larger. Do not fill the bathroom with unnecessary items. Make this look neat, clean, and organized.

Knowing how to design a bathroom with little space can help you if you are thinking of making changes to this space within your home.