Blockages in the pipes are usually one of the most common breakdowns in homes, so we need to know  what are the frequent causes of blockages in the pipes in order to avoid them. We tell you below the most common.

Most common causes.

  1. Bad facilities.  The installation of pipes should have as few twists as possible.
  2. Old installations . We usually think that pipes are forever, but the truth is that the daily use we make of them makes them age and cause blockages. That is why it is advisable to hire a  preventive maintenance company for the sanitation network .
  3. Pipes with inadequate inclination.  The pipes must have a suitable slope for the correct evacuation of the water, specifically it should never be less than a 2% slope.
  4. Disposal of waste  such as chemicals, paints or oils down the drain. This type of waste will not only clog the pipes, but also pollute the environment.
  5. Use the drains, wherever they are, as a wastebasket.  We refer above all to bathroom and kitchen drains. Throwing diapers, compresses, food and any object you can think of is completely prohibited if what you want is not to clog the pipes.
  6. Drains with a small section , that is, when the pipe is not capable of evacuating the quantity of water quickly enough. This is one of the frequent causes of floods.