What is Torrentz proxy?

Torrentz is one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet. It’s a community-built directory that indexes torrents from all around the world so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The good news is that there are a lot other Torrentz proxy sites out there, so you’ll be able to locate another one if yours is ever taken down quickly.

About Torrentz:

Following the debut of numerous torrent sites around the world, a search engine to look through all of the accessible torrent files was required. Not all torrent trackers, like everything else on the internet, have content that is suitable for you, and sorting through all that data can take some time. Torrentz was created to assist in indexing all of the torrent files available online. It is sometimes referred to as the Google of torrent search because it displays the most relevant results for your query. Torrentz, on the other hand, is no longer as simple to use. Even if they changed their name to Torrentz2, a trustworthy Torrentzeu proxy is still required to access the website.

What are the Alternatives of Torrentz:

If you are unable to access the Torrentz2 proxy sites listed above, we have some alternatives for you to consider:

→Pirate Bay Proxy List

1337x Proxy List

→ Kickass Proxy updated list

→ YTS-Yify Proxy List

→ ExtraTorrents Latest Proxy

→ ListTorrentz2 2023

RARBG Proxy List

→Eztv Proxy List

Mirror Servers for Torrentz:

 Proxy sites operate as a conduit between users and the original site, whilst mirror sites are independent sites that look remarkably similar to the original. Here are some of torrentz mirror servers.











All the latest and popular torrentz movies, shows, games, and software can be downloaded through these links.

Torrentz (India):

Torrentz was banned in India in 2016 because it is an illegal search engine service. In India, illegal websites are not permitted. The majority of torrent sites, including torrentz, have been blocked, therefore visiting this website is likewise considered unlawful. Users, on the other hand, can simply access torrentz proxy and mirror sites.

Torrentz Search Engine (World Wide):

There are numerous torrent search engines that can assist you in locating the files or movies that you desire. They are highly popular, and since the original website, torrent search engine, was taken down, there have been a number torrent engines that have gained popularity, but torrentz2 is the direct descendant because it bears the same name and has a similar interface. However, it also makes use of the same database as the original.

However, in most countries, these mirror sites cannot be accessed directly, and a VPN server connection is required to get access. Since November 2020, these mirror sites are showing error 503 and can only be accessed using a VPN server.

As a result, it is one of the best torrent search engines available, as it can also find files using other search engines. As a result, it is one of the most powerful and effective search engines available. Any type of file we’re looking for is likely to be found.

Advantages of using Torrentz.xyz (Torrentz):

Torrentz.xyz provides a lot of advantages, which is why it’s so popular.

→The fact that torrentz.xyz is easily accessible is maybe the finest advantage.

→You can find the file you’re looking for by typing a keyword into the search box.

→There is a wide range of free stuff available.

→You are not required to pay for the content that you seek.

→Torrent download and streaming are both available at high speeds.

→HD video content, including torrentz movies and TV series, is available.

Torrentz proxy sites list:

List of Torrentz Proxies:

Torrentz2 proxy 1 https://sitenable.co/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 2 https://sitenable.top/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 3 https://sitenable.ch/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentzeu.org https://torrentzeu.org/ (USE VPN)
Torrentz2is.me https://torrentzeu.me/ (USE VPN)
Torrentz2 proxy 4 https://siteget.net/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 5 https://freeproxy.io/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 6 https://sitenable.pw/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 7 https://sitenable.info/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 8 https://freeanimesonline.com/torrentz2-proxy/
Torrentz2 proxy 9 https://filesdownloader.com/torrentz2-proxy/

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is torrentzeu.org?

Torrentzeu.org is one of the many torrentz alternatives? On torrentzeu.org, you may find the most recent torrentz movies, games, music, and software.

  1. How to use a Magnet link?

The download magnet link option will appear on the page you open on sites where the magnet link is available. Select that option, and you will be presented with the results. Of course, to use the magnet link to download your favourite content, you’ll need a pre-installed torrent downloader tool like Utorrent or BitTorrent.

  1. When is the movie updated here after release?

Because torrentz does not host the content, fresh releases take 2 to 3 days to appear on the torrentz website.

  1. How to download from Torrentz?

Install the torrent downloader software on your device, go to the torrentz website, search for the file you want to download, and click download. In the torrent downloader programme, the torrent download will begin.

  1. Why is Torrentz not working?

Torrentz is a banned website that was shut down in 2016. However, its mirror sites are still operational, and you may visit them.


Not all torrent sites are illegal, as previously stated. Some are legal, but the majority are not since they let users download copyrighted content without paying for it. One of these sites is Torrentz. It may appear to be a good idea at first—you can watch all of your favourite movies and TV episodes for free—but think about how it will affect you in the long run.