A very frequent question among people who are building or renovating their homes is whether to install PVC or aluminum windows .

Difference between PVC and Aluminum windows

The most used materials for the advantages of houses today are PVC and aluminum. The selection of the material depends on factors such as the type of window, the characteristics of the house, the climate and others.

Before you make a decision, it is important that you know what the differences are between PVC and aluminum windows. As well as its main characteristics.

One of the most obvious differences is that they are made from different materials. Aluminum windows have frames and supports made of this material, which is metallic, very strong and durable . But despite this they are not good insulators of temperature, this is because aluminum is a conductor of heat and cold.

While the PVC ones have supports and other details in polyvinyl chloride, a highly resistant and durable plastic derivative. And unlike aluminum, it is an excellent thermal and sound insulator .

The prices of aluminum or PVC windows are different. Generally, PVC ones are cheaper. But this varies, since there are some types of aluminum that are quite cheap, although of very low quality.

Both are highly durable alternatives that are resistant to wear, tear, and moisture. Their main difference lies in the insulating capacity of each material. The PVC ones help you avoid problems at home in winter . While the aluminum ones adapt to more types of design and decoration.

Which window is better PVC or aluminum?

If you are wondering which is better, PVC or aluminum windows, the answer is that one material is not better than the other. Both are adjusted to different needs and conditions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of aluminum windows

  • Wide variety of designs and colors: in the market you can find a large number of colors and finishes of aluminum windows. This makes it easier to find one that fits the design of your home.
  • Thin frames: One of its most outstanding advantages is the thinness of its frames and supports. This allows a greater amount of light to pass through the window.
  • Durability: Aluminum has a long lifespan. Durability is one of the reasons why aluminum is better than PVC . Although it will also depend on the type of PVC or aluminum you use.
  • Easy maintenance: Aluminum windows are very easy to clean, you just have to use a little soapy water to remove dirt. Don’t forget to rinse them very well.

Disadvantages of aluminum

When in doubt about which is the best aluminum for windows . As we mentioned before, the conventional one is not a good insulator. Therefore, the best option is to combine it with a material that is.

In most cases it is necessary to install the aluminum with a thermal bridge break system. Consisting of a profile of insulating material that is placed between the outer and inner layer of aluminum. Its installation in addition to generating more work also increases the costs of the windows.

Advantages of PVC

  • Good insulation: PVC windows are good thermal and sound insulators. That is why they are highly recommended in homes located in high-traffic areas and are suitable for any climate.
  • They are cheap: Their manufacture and installation is cheaper compared to aluminum ones. Besides, it is not necessary to place any system on them that increases the level of insulation.
  • Very safe material: PVC windows are very resistant to wear, tear, shock and moisture. But there are also some types that are even self-extinguishing . This means that in case of fire the material does not melt or spread the fire.

Disadvantages of PVC

Unlike aluminum windows, there is not as much variety of colors and finishes for PVC windows. But over time they have created new alternatives.

How to choose the best window?

To choose the best window for your home there are different factors that you must take into account. Some of the most important are:

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One of the main aspects that you must take into account when choosing a window is the dimensions. Be sure to take good measurements of the space where you will place them before you buy them. We recommend that you hire the services of a carpenter in Madrid to obtain the best results.


The window must provide protection to your home from certain weather conditions and intruders. For this reason it is important that the glasses, frames and supports are resistant to bumps and cuts. You must also be able to install anti-theft systems in the window.


If you are looking for practicality, prefer windows that are made of materials that are easy to clean and do not require specialized maintenance. Aluminum or PVC ones are excellent alternatives.

Degree of energy efficiency

The windows in your home should help maintain a comfortable temperature inside and increase comfort. For this it is necessary that they have an insulation that adapts well to the climate of the area. If you make a good selection, you will reduce the costs of energy consumption and the cost of air conditioning.


Choose a type of window that fits your budget. But without neglecting the quality and needs of your home. In the long term, it is better to invest a little more in good quality and long-lasting windows than in cheap ones that you will have to replace in a short time.

Don’t focus on comparing which is cheaper PVC or aluminum. But in the properties that you need to have the windows for your house.

Types of openings

Select the window and its type of opening in relation to the design of the interior and exterior spaces of the room or area where you are going to place it. Also consider what you are going to use it for.

Among the types of opening that you can select for the windows of your home are:

  • Slider: There are sliders of one or several, but the most used is the two. These slide horizontally on the frame allowing an opening without requiring additional space. Its disadvantage is that the insulation it produces is not complete.
  • Hinged: These types of windows open outwards or inwards vertically, rotating on an axis. Being closed they achieve a high level of thermal and sound insulation.
  • Hinged: It is one of the most used types of opening in small spaces that require ventilation such as a bathroom. These windows open at an angle or with the glass horizontally towards the interior of the house or room.
  • Tilt-and-turn: It is a combination of the swing and folding opening. This means that it can be opened vertically or at an angle.
  • Pivoting: It only applies to single-pane windows. It consists in the fact that the window leaf rotates on a central axis. In this way the outer face turns inwards and the inner one turns outwards.
  • Elevable: Its system is similar to that of the sliders. But it has better insulation due to the placement of joints. It is used on bay windows and other types of large windows.


This is an important factor when choosing a good window for your home. You can select the thickness of the glass and whether it will be single or double. This is depending on your needs and the climatic characteristics of the area.

You must also choose the type of glass you want to place. Among the most used is transparent, translucent and tempered or safety glass.

Remember that the type of glass and its system play an important role in the insulation and, therefore, in the energy efficiency of the house.


The type of window you choose must have a design and finish in accordance with the aesthetics of the space where you are going to place it.

You want to make sure that window details like the frame, rails, and brackets are in a color that belongs in or contrasts with the color palette you’ve chosen for the décor.

Remember that in the case of aluminum windows you can find a wide variety of finishes, designs and colors. There are even some types of aluminum that imitate materials such as wood in its different shades.

Before choosing between PVC or aluminum windows, you must analyze different factors and thus determine which material is best for you. Also consider that there are wooden windows that, although they are more expensive, also have good characteristics that could interest you.

We hope that with this information you can choose the best option between PVC or aluminum windows.